Rechtsanwältin Steinmann Kanzlei Müggenburg Trier

Annika Steinmann, attorney at law

  • Fachanwältin für Familienrecht

    Tätigkeitsfelder von Rechtsanwältin Steinmann

  • Familienrecht
  • Mediation

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Mrs. Steinmann has been working exclusively in the field of family law since 2007.

She is a specialist lawyer for family law, a trained mediator, mother of two children and member of the local interdisciplinary committee for separation and divorce questions.

Due to an American high school diploma and law internship, as well as her working experience, she is capable of consulting with clients in English as well.

Her aim is to help with both legal advice and personal matters and to resolve family conflicts as amicably as possible. The legal advice is also offered in a mediation setting to both parties and via videoconferencing, if desired.

In the case of separation and divorce, she offers help in particular with:

  • Questions of international jurisdiction, internationally applicable law and tactical considerations, e.g. where to apply for divorce (first).
  • Maintenance calculation:
    • child maintenance/ support
    • spousal maintenance (including duration and reduction after divorce)
    • maintenance of the unmarried mother
  • Child matters such as:
    • regulation of visiting times
    • child custody, including the right to determine the child’s primary residence
    • paternity determination/ contestation
    • supervision of child welfare
    • information rights
  • Any asset disputes, e.g.:
    • division of assets/ gain compensation
    • real-estate and co-ownership
    • settlement of common debts
    • distribution of furniture and other household items
    • housing allocation
  • Pension compensation, i.e. division of retirement rights:
    • division of German pensions with divorce
    • compensation rules for foreign pension systems
  • Negotiation of separation/ divorce agreements
  • Tactically intelligent and cost-effective proceeding
  • Legal review of marriage contracts
  • Protection against violence and stalking

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